Wednesday, June 15, 2005


JeuJura is a French toy maker that makes a variety of games and such. They have long made construction sets similar to Lincoln Logs, but with square logs of smaller diameter (similar to, but a little larger than Roy Toy). Most of their sets over the years have been Alpine Chalet or European forest lodge type architectures, but they have made at least one "Western" set for cowboy play, though the European flavor dominates even there. The nicely done plastic windows with working shutters add charm. Posted by Hello


Eliza said...

Haven't been to this site in a little while--very cool cabin! :)

Alan said...

Do you use for news and stuff? You can add blogs: click the XML logo on my blogs for the URL.

Or sign up for Bloglines, and you can install a "notify" ap on your computer or just check your Bloglines now and then.

Basically, anything that will track RSS, Atom, or XML should keep you alerted to new posts. Only a few, like Bloglines, will tell you that an old post has been modified. I haven't found anything yet that tells you that there's been a comment posted on someone elses blog -- even if it is a reply to your comment!