Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Buncha Blocks

I have mentioned Buncha Blocks here before, but hadn't shown them. The red pull cord in the picture above is my replacement (as is the squeeze clasp), so my two bags are easily distinguishable since this one contains the Froebel Gift 6 pieces, and the other contains the balance of the two merged Buncha Blocks sets. I wanted to be able to grab just one bag without having to check.

Portable construction, on beaches, in parks, alongside streams, is the intended mission for these. They are shown in just such circumstance at Golden Gardens Park, enjoying a little sunshine this morning.

Unfortunately, I didn't inspect my plan folder before leaving the house, and it was missing the Froebel Gift 6 example plans. So what you see is actually an Ankerstein plan sheet, which requires arches which weren't with me. I probably will be rethinking the contents as I go, since I would like the contents of this bag to be as fun and versatile as it can be for "one bag builds" (cf the "one box builds" I was blathering on about a bit earlier today). A pair of arches are likely in the offing.

Both bags will reside in the car, and will be combined when the mood strikes me.

Sunshine & good block play.

Sad Addendum: These blocks mildewed and were ruined when the bag became wet without my realizing. I wonder if rubberwood is more prone to that than maple? [4 Dec 2009]

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Herman said...

I like arches.

Sometimes when we go to the beach I wish you'd be more inclined to just sit. maybe sometime you can bring your blocks and I can sift sand and watch the birds and waves