Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lego Crazy Action Contraptions

I am a big fan of Klutz books, from potholders to melty beads to games. But a long time favorite was their Lego Action Contraptions. Now it is out in a new edition and is a prime candidate for a Chistmas gift.

Why Lego doesn't do a nice project set with their Technik parts, something along the lines of fischertechnik Universal? Not that I think it wiuld be better than fischertechnik, but some folks might, and others would enjoy having the alternative.

At least with these Klutz books, we have a taste of how suitable the Lego line is for this type of construction. For anyone that enjoys these projects, and wants to go further, I recommend fischertechnik highly.

There are lots of other excellent construction toys to be found in the Block Play Store -- courtesy of Amazon.com, and I appreciate your doing a little holiday shopping there, or anywhere on Amazon via that entry. I get a little something that makes a small but appreciated contribution towards the cost of my blogging.

An especially good deal might be an Amazon Gift Card -- good for anything on Amazon.com

Quite good for Good Block Play.

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