Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lott's Tudor - Village Hall

The half-timber constructions of the Lott's Tudor sets continue to call me - I've been reading about vernacular architecture in England & Germany (and a little France) with a special focus on half-timber construction (Fachwerk in German).

But call as they might, I have had trouble stirring myself to actually build, for a variety of reasons. Bad head, mostly.

But some gentle nagging (in the form of additional plan book pages arriving in my email), and some difficulties passed closer to home (eg my wife had her scheduled hand surgery and is fine), and a little few more gumptions were available.

I've been wanted to make some of the roof sizes and shapes I didn't have, but was frozen on that project. I finally managed to do that this morning, albeit as trials out of lightweight construction paper, and went ahead and chose something to build.

I'm not convinced this was the best choice to work my way back into block building, but it ties nicely to my reading and that helped with breaking the inertia.

All those tiny stones standing on end or edge as window mullions are not a good choice for the wobbly of finger. Placing the chimney in the center of a twelve inch span of light construction paper roof was not sufficiently strong. And worse the use of triangular pieces on point would have only worked out if the pints weren't blunted - I had to shim (a sin!).

But the diagonal timbers thus represented charmed me, and the chimney only tilted a bit and only collapsed (taking a portion of the building with it) after I had a few pictures - fortunately usable.

So all in all, very good block play.

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Herman said...

I like that house. It reminds of Alpental maybe

I hope someday you make the cool A-Frame house in the plan set