Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mini Wedgits

The new Mini Wedgits version of Wedgits work just like the big ones, but are only 3/5ths the size.

That's 60% linear - in volume they are only 22% as big and weigh about 25% as much.

I got in trouble for denting our dinner table with the big guys, but with the red Mini Wedgits only weighing 7/10 of an ounce versus 2 3/4 ounce for the standard red, and only having 60% as far to fall for the same construction, these should be much safer for tabletop play.

They are also, or course, more suited for travel.

And while a simple 15-piece set of standard Wedgits doesn't take a lot of storage space, a large assortment with the extra pieces, such as the white angles in the picture to the right, or the 'dogbone' or 'dumbbell' pieces, can be a problem. Mini Wedgits will nicely solve this, as well as bringing the cost down.

My assistant, Melvin, in the background of the top picture, says they are much easier for him to work with too. Not to say that makes his "help" any more useful.

But even so, we have good block play.

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