Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Märchen 1

A year or three ago, Ankerstein introduced a pair of new sets as Märchen 1 and Märchen 2 (Fairy Tales 1 & 2), which intrigued me greatly, but if they were ever offered in the United States, I missed them.

A week or three ago, the printed materials for these sets showed up as scans on the CVA repository site. Look under Vorlagen => Neue Fabrik => Märchen.

Not just the booklet pages are there, with the constructions and stories, but also the figure pages with fairy-tale characters to cut out.

I wanted to build with them right away, but I didn't know which stones were included in each set, so I set the project aside until I could rummage through my hard drive folders for wherever it was I saved the pictures that I downloaded when the sets were announced.

Today I gave up on getting around to that any time soon, and decided to just see what I could do with just what is in a #6 box, and so we have the Märchen 1 oven in the title image, at top.

Then I started writing this blog post, and while checking that my links work properly, I took a moment to check that site under Einpackvorlagen => Neue Fabrik => Märchen.

They might not have appeared in the site's Änderungen page, which is what I monitor for new stuff, but there they were. Including an end-shot of one of the little wooden stands, in case you want your figures "as-factory."

Now I know what stones belong. Which I find more comfortable, though neurotypicals may find that less of a requirement.

Between my various sets, I may not have exactly the right stones to duplicate a Märchen 1, but I can fake it. Aside from the thin #58 stones at top (of which just one is used in just one construction - as a door - fake it with wood or card?), the likeliest problem for most people having just a couple of sets would be the three #98 arches, since there are just one each in the Set 6 and Set 6A. Use the 6A's pair of #100 half-thick arches as a substitute. My extra Set 4 provided me with a third #98.

Right stones or not, I had fun. And there is still Märchen 2 to explore.

Good Block Play.

Note - the larger images linked by clicking the images above are reduced from those on the CVA site.

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