Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The SepToys seven-faced blocks may be three dimensional, but most of what is done with them is pattern making, based on the shape of a single side - most often the trapezoid.

This can be seen in this tweaked down-on view of the above construction, where only the reflectivity gives away that these are not flat trapezoidal tiles.

But there is enough exploitation of their three-dimensionality to make them valid as both pattern play and challenge block play.

They should be great for helping children develop good spatial perception.

There is only one "kind" of block, but it appears in both left- and right-handed, mirror image versions.

Each of the seven faces is different, some with "handedness," some without.

The blocks are accompanied by a sheet with a number of sample designs (or challenges) and there are many more on the SepToys web site - including designs for more than one set.

Good Block Play.

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