Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

Christmas Greetings to all those that celebrate the day.

The gold foil paper may or may not provide a 'Christmassy look," and doesn't succeed pictorially, to my eye.

The stereo pair, best of several first Blockplay efforts with a very special Christmas present 3D camera, doesn't entirely succeed either, from an esthetic point of view, but there you are.

It more-or-less succeeds as stereo, and I am celebrating the day in my own way. ;)

Somehow I didn't post a Happy Holidays or do any Blockplay as part of Hanukkah, though I did post daily Hanukkah "Light" pictures in another blog. Perhaps you can find something there to like.

As always, however the pictures turned out, returning to Ankerstein after an absence was a special treat of scent, touch, heft, and accomplishment.

Very special Block Play.

Best wishes to every one.

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Alan said...

I didn't particularly want to crowd the post itself with this, but thought some of you might appreciate an explanation of sorts:

A few days after my previous post, I went to the doctor out of concern for a rash and swelling of my ankles. After what seemed to me to be many visits to many people and pieces of equipment, I got a confirmed diagnosis of leukemia this week.

Highly survivable, and relatively gentle on the treatment end, as such things go, but in the meantime, I have little energy, am easily chilled, and have aggravated cognitive and balance difficulties, which probably go back a ways & at least partially explain sparsities here prior to my last post as well.

Block Play has therapeutic benefit, as I have belabored in the past, and now that I have a better idea what is going on, I will be trying harder to bring that "into play."

Please share my amusement in the adventure I am undertaking in good spirits. I seem to have plenty of good cheer, so happily share it with you, and will try to post occasional updates here - with new construction projects as well.