Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hospital Wedgits

Mini-Wedgits have proven a good choice for my hospital kit, for which I set the criteria compactness, low complexity, readily replaced, easily cleaned.

They have been fun to play with, and a fun little window-ledge personalizer & brightener.

Good block play.


Model Builder said...

I hope all is well with you and you will soon be up and building on a large scale again soon.. Take care

Alan said...

Thanks, Don.

With virtually no white blood cells at this point, I have sort of a freight train of fevers, with chills & sweats following close on each others heels.

I am only miserable a little bit of the time though, and even then only a little miserable, so I'd say things are rather good.

I expect to be here at least a couple more weeks.

bobosse said...

Your Christmas news were quite bad, but I hope for the best and look forward to more builds and blog-posts from you!

"A little miserable only a little bit of the time" - that's a wonderful spirit! :-)

All the best,


releppes said...

I wish you a fast recovery Alan.

Alan said...

I'm back home with white blood cell counts back in the normal range.


bobosse said...

Good news!

Do take care,


Model Builder said...

Great, It's good to hear your back home. I wish you a speedy recovery.