Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vez s balkony

Third prize in that Czech Anchor contest went to Petr Marek for this věž s balkóny, or tower with balcony, again built with favorite Ankerstein Set #6. I don't seem to have printed out the second prize winner - I vaguely recall that it wasn't shown & I haven't found the contest again on the web pages to confirm. I think the contest is now gone.

The image above may hurt your eyes, or may be the best way yet for me to post stereographs from my 3D camera. Click on it for some more 3D viewing options. Please comment here if you have an opinion about these. I'm rather curious.

The image at left is for those who want something that sits still long enough to look at. Here, the usual rule of 'click for a large view' applies. Sorry it is so similar to the above.

Whatver the image, however you look at it, the Anchor Stones gave me good block play.

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Herman said...

towers should just not move like that