Thursday, July 07, 2011

Peg Blox

Peg Blox were made by Lincoln Logs in the era they were part of Playskool. More or less a unit-block variation with TinkerToy-like holes and dowels to hold them together & build various objects.

I've had an incomplete set for some time, missing several blocks, all of the dowels, and the instruction sheet.

I recently came across an instruction sheet image that I was able read well enough to find out what lengths & quantities of dowels came with the set.

Even with my recent excursions into doing things with noisy, mentally disruptive power tools, I wasn't going to make a whole bunch of carefully measured dowels all at once.

But using an Easy Cutter, I was able to make enough dowels in proper lengths to build several of the models, and be confident that I could cut more as needed, without having to wait for a power tool acceptance period or go through a lot of rigmarole. Pretty nifty.

The cuts weren't entirely entirely square, but good enough for this.

I cut. I built. I photographed.

Good Block Play


naholter said...

I may have the sheet from my box. If I do I can send you a scan.

Alan said...

That would be great. Thank you.