Thursday, December 22, 2005

Anchor Blocks

It's been a while since I posted something built from Ankerstein, and I feel sort of like I am "paying my dues" when I do -- or returning to this blog's roots.

There is not much that as reliably gives me pleasure. The scent, the feel, the heft of each individual stone. And of course the results.

This is from page 7 of the Set 6 manual. Set 8 wasn't really an option, partly because of a need for simplicity, partly because there simply wasn't room on the table for two boxes of stones. I happily give Jo's Christmas preparations priority in claiming space.

I have written many times, including yesterday, about how each type of construction set has its own vocabulary, its own syntax, that we exploit when building from instructions, and must learn in order to build interesting structures of our won.

I think each also speaks to the builder uniquely, if we care to listen.

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