Monday, January 16, 2006

Kapla Red

One of my Chrimmus presents was from eBay, 39 red and orange Kapla sticks, and the corresponding book.

The colored Kapla sets retail for $32, and don't seem to turn up for less at all often. I had gotten the yellow/black (green?) and dark blue/medium blue sets off eBay last year, but hadn't seen a red/orange set on eBay or in local shops.

Then this stuff turned up on eBay, sans box and missing a stick. I resigned myself to being a stick short until I could color an uncolored stick to match.

But I think maybe that wore on me, and I "somehow" didn't get around to doing anything with the new set until today.

Turns out there are all forty.

The seller miscounted.

Time for some red & orange block play!

1 comment:

Herman said...

DOH! 40 not 39

and those are terrible colors :P