Sunday, January 01, 2006

Lego 4886

Lego's Building Bonanza set first caught my eye on their web pages almost a year ago, with a note saying it would be available in March. In March, it said it would be available in April. In May, it finally showed as available, and I started checking stores. In October, I finally found it in the local toy store I visit almost weekly. That eventually led to the introduction of Lego constructions to this blog.

The set was received as a Christmas present, and today I finally sorted out the parts and started building the first and simplest house. Very nice.

Lego now has user contributed designs, and it looks like a few hundred can be built from this set. Unfortunately, making use of the designs requires a rather awful piece of Lego software that is slow, ungainly, and prints with a black background that wastes large amounts of ink -- unless you take the image to an image editor and clear out the background before printing. What an hassle.

But with or without the user designs, I think this set will provide good block play.


Eliza said...

Such a cool little house! Glad I got to see it firsthand on Sunday. :)

Kyra said...

I love Legos! Cool house. :)