Thursday, August 17, 2006

Block Play

Sometimes it seems like most of my posts apologize for not being "real" Block Play, but instead being a near-miss.

Yet when I do an online search for building blocks, I am as likely to find "how to" books about just about anything than "real" building blocks such as the unit blocks in today's pictures.

So "building blocks," and thus "block play" can also be a metaphor for construction with discrete components.

I have occasionally been tempted to wander even further astray than I have, to include things such as loop-loom potholders, or even playing music on a children's zither.

Thinking about "how do I benefit from block play" helps me see the parallels: I benefit because I am able to create something. Even if it doesn't have enduring significance.

In each case, I begin with predefined forms, assemble them to a pattern which may or may not vary in some way from a provided example, and end up with something satisfying, having order and structure.

Good Block Play.

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