Thursday, March 27, 2008

Denkmal KG

Over at the Anchor Stones Constructions Blog bunches of new designs for smaller sets continue to appear, to my great delight. Today's batch were for the Heinzelmännchen, but this design was restricted to the subset of stones also found in the Kleine Gernegroß, albeit with color variation.

Though labeled as "a building," I see it more as a Denkmal (memorial or monument) or Tor (gateway). Nice design, under any name, among many nice designs.

I may not be able to keep up with the flow, but I am happily printing out designs for later - many are folded to fit in the KG box, to enhance its take-along potential.

Good block play.


releppes said...

This design should be on that Gernegross PDF I sent you. I created a one page PDF of all the Gernegross models so I could keep it in the same box with the stones.

Herman said...

fun :)

Model Builder said...


please contact me at
Your E-mail address on your Blogger does not work. I also build with Anker Blocks and more. See my Blogger at
I have some questions and hopefully you can help me.

Alan said...

It seems there was a nonfunctional IM link on my profile page, not an email link.

For disability reasons, I do not IM, and tend not to respond to emails from strangers.

If your questions are pertinent to the content of one of my blog posts, you are welcome to ask them in a comment.

Alan said...

Please excuse any rudeness inherent in my previous comment.

It is very difficult for me to deal with both content and courtesy at the same time.

As I have discussed in many blog posts and comments, my abilities ebb and flow from hour to hour, day to day, week to week.

Most of the time I can address the content of recent blog posts to some degree - though sometimes, including the last several weeks, that is difficult.

It is usually much more difficult to deal with older blog posts. It can be especially difficult to move to peripherally related topics or to transition to another context or different communications channel.

I am mentally disabled.

My ability to create a blog post at a particular time is not indicative of my ability to participate in a dialog, especially at a different time or a different context.

releppes said...

Alan I hope you don't mind, but I sent your photos to George Hardy. You did such a great job in taking the photos, I wanted George to see them. Would you be interested in photographing the g7(bridge) model too?

Alan said...

That's fine.

I downloaded your images for your g7 design and will try to create a clear area for building and photographing it.