Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lighthouse KG

Not too long ago, a new blog of Anchor Stone Constructions appeared. created by an occasional reader (and commenter) of this blog.

This morning, he posted a rendering of a lighthouse built with the Kleine Gernegroß set, which this evening I built and photographed (above).

I am delighted to have a new source of small structures from small sets - most of his designs are for the Kleine Gernegross or Heinzelmännchen, the smallest & near-smallest of the Ankerstein sets.

Good Blockplay!


releppes said...

Excellent photograph!!!

That lighthouse and the bridge (model g7) are my two favorite KG models. The house (g3) is another favorite.

What these designs taught me was that you don't need to use all the blocks in the box to make a nice model.

releppes said...

I updated the blog entry for this model and a few others to include "hints". Although, they may not be needed, I'm practicing on making level diagrams. Please stop by and take a peek and tell me what you think.


PS: If anyone else builds these models and cares to take a photo of their work, please leave a link too your photo in the comments section.

Thanks again. I hope everyone can enjoy these designs.

Ashley said...
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