Monday, August 04, 2008

Ankerstein NS 4 (2)

When I posted on Anker Set NS 4 a few days ago, I said it looked like all the NS 4 designs could be built with GK NF 4 (the current production set) with only minor modifications, and possibly with the need to borrow one or two 19R stones (1 x 1 x 1/2) which come filling the notches in the NS large arch, and looked to be used elsewhere in some of the designs.

Shortly after posting that, I found that I was sort of wrong. Maybe.

Anker sets in numeric series always (or almost always?) contain an example of a structure of the next level, to encourage purchase of the next appropriate expansion set.

Sure enough, the NS 2 booklet contains an NS 4 design. And sure enough, it is one with the arch notches firmly integrated into the structure of the building. It would be possible to build it very much as drawn using a GK NF 4 and a Heinzelmännchen together, and it might be fun to do so.

But I think it would be a major exercise to redesign the structure to just use Set 4 stones. So instead of doing so, and instead of spilling the beans, I decided to wait until my 98aR notched large arch came.

Yep, yet again Chris Baldwin at The ToyHouse came through for me in a big way, and sold me a 98a [which went 'thump' on the porch just as I wrote that sentence], and a bunch of other stones for various other activities and experiments which will be the topics of future Block Play posts - right now I am off to building this design, which will be the title image of today's post.


I built it, I photographed it, and I like how it looks. But those center things in the windows are 31G and 69G stones, and were nasty to line up two stacks each. And of course, every time anything else moved, especially the big 5G stones on top, the little stones moved out of place.

But I might still build it again some time.

Good Block Play.

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Alan said...


I have no commercial interest in The ToyHouse.

I don't know whether my recommendations have resulted in any actual additional business for Chris. If he knows, he hasn't told me. His good service has been confirmed by others, and I have heard nothing contrary.

I have gotten some good deals from him, which is surely partly due to my referrals, but I suspect is also partly because he is curious to see what I will do with the stuff.

As far as I know, I get a better financial deal by referring folks to my Amazon Block Play Store. I made almost $5 there over the last two months, average maybe $10 a month counting Christmas season.

It looks like about half of that was strangers who found it through this blog. The rest would be family and friends. But that seems to be about the ratio of regular readership here, too.

Three or five family, three or five block builders -- The Big Time.

I like Chris, I enjoy getting stuff from him. I think anyone else would too.