Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ankerstein 4

Back to basics: Today I built a straightforward plan from the Ankerstein Set 4 booklet included in current production.

Well maybe not entirely straightforward -- the notched arch of the NS sets is substituted for the the standard GK-NF arch, but that is a minor adjustment.

I haven't built with Anchor Blocks for a while, and as always when I return, the scent and feel of the stones is a evocative pleasure.

The blog Don's Hobby Keep is doing a series of posts showing the layer-by-layer construction of an Anker building. Check it out, and be sure to check following days for more stages.

Good Block Play.

Addendum -- double checking the link to Don's blog above, I followed a link in a comment there and discovered a picture of the same building as above, built with a Set 6. Sure enough, when I check my Set 6 book, there is the same page reproduced in the early part of the book. Nice pictures of several constructions -- check them out as well.

Second Addendum -- I found another new Ankerstein builder blog, with a new and different perspective and very well done. Unfortunaelty, I couldn't seem to post a comment, so must say "Welcome!" here, and hope he sees it eventually. Again, check it out.


Melissa Goodsell said...

Thankyou for leaving a comment and putting a link on your blog. I enjoy building with stones and I'm going to try and save up for the 6a set. Mum said that she will pay half if I pay half.
Yours sincerely,
James from Tasmania, Australia

Model Builder said...

Thank you for you nice comments both here and on my Blog. As you check my site daily, I also check yours daily. I at one time had a very large collection of FisherTechnik. I am sorry I gave them up almost 35 years ago, but they went to a good cause. I gave them to a home for wayward boys in Detroit. ("St. Francis Home for Boys.") When I see your pages I look upon them with nostalgia. We will have to keep an eye on the new Blog you found:

Model Builder said...

Thank you for your kind comments. As you check my blog daily, I also check yours daily. I enjoy your Fischertechnik articles. I had a great many parts several years ago, but donated them to a good cause. I gave them to a home for wayward boys in Detroit. (St. Francis Home for Boys). I had been collecting Fischertechnik for over forty years and had several sets that would be considered rare today.
Lets keep and eye on the new Bog you found "stone Hope"

releppes said...

Hello Alan!

I too check your blog almost daily. I've not updated mine in a while due to lack of new ideas. Several constructions were started, only to stump myself on how to finish them.

I like the new stonehope blog and I like the construction style. You get the sense the builder has a certain Zen about doing Anchor Stone constructions. I'm the same way, however I seem to have lost my mojo. Has anyone seen my mojo?

I always find Anchor Stones relaxing. My steps to relaxing on a quiet evening is:

1) Make a large cup of Orange spice tea. Loose tea preferred if available.

2) Turn on the computer and go to Browse the old time radio section for Gunsmoke episodes.

3) Get out the Anchor blocks and start to play.

Sometimes I replace step three with a bag of marbles. I like to practice my backspin, however I'll never be the Dabster I'd like to be.

In all, at the end of the day, I like to reflect on my day and say, "Life is good."

PS: Thanks for the new post!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan; from one blockhead to another ... thanks!