Tuesday, April 07, 2009


We had snow April 1st. Seventy degree sunshine April 6th. A while ago I did Bayko in the snow, today I'm sharing Bayko in the sunshine.

This time of year has long been difficult for me, with seasonal mental health problems and such. The weather is good for photography in terms of light, but the photographer gets uncomfortable & fidgety and the results show it.

It may not be seventy degrees outside, but I managed to get a reasonably decent picture. Even set up a reflector, though a fill flash on an umbrella would have been a better choice.

Even with my usual indoor block play venues inaccessible due to piles of stuff I'm supposed to be working on, I should be able to work on Bayko -- it doesn't require as stable a surface as Ankerstein and can even be moved in mid or completed consturction. There are other options as well. So my apologies to those who have missed my posts.

Warmer weather should let me return to outdoor block play as well -- though my favorite spot has been wiped away in a park remodeling.

On a totally different topic, Amazon this morning sent out a promo on Green Toys. Can you think of a greener category of toys than classic construction toys or their modern counterparts?

Think of Unit Blocks -- all wood, and enduring in play for years or even decades. Even sets with plastic components I believe can be considered "green" if they provide such long lasting use. Is a trendy bamboo toy that sees only brief or occasional play really that much "greener" in environmental impact than the sixty year old Bayko set in today's post?

Not that the Amazon Green selection doesn't include some nice items at nice prices, but couldn't they have included at least one unit block set?

Red, white, and Green, or natural wood, Block Play is still good.

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releppes said...

I agree with your comments on "Green Toys". To me, environmentally "safer" toys are ones that see years of use.

That's why I invested in Anchor Stones. They're a pricey investment, but one I hope will reap years of use. My only gripe with Anchor Stones is they do show wear over time. Luckly, they can be replaced.