Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lott's Postwar

This is a set from the Post-World War II Lott's line, but reprises the pre-war "New Series."

The pink windows strike me as yucky, and clash with the embossed brickwork and the roof. I have contemplated repainting them. The windows on the right end are transparent plastic with blue-painted framing to match the painted stones.

If I had thought through the lighting a little better I would have put a light to the right rear to reflect off those panes. I had forgotten that the windows and doors are recessed slightly back from the wall stones and then was trying to think of a good light source to illuminate those windows from within. Maybe next time.

Note that in the plan sheet above, today's structure is upper left, and the earlier post with this set is the design at upper right. I did not include booklet scans in that post.

For all that, the aesthetic shortfalls mostly cause me to hesitate, and perhaps unnecessarily choose something else to build with. Once I am started, I enjoy the building just fine.

Good block play.