Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ankerstein in the park

It was so warm & sunny today that I took my Ankerstein #4 set along and found a picnic table in the park to build on. The design isn't from the GK NF book that accompanies current sets, though. Instead it is from the #4 NS (Neue Serie = New Series) of notched-arch fame.

Since the large Arch isn't used in this structure there is no difference in bricks, so it doesn't matter which set is used. Not that most NS designs can't be built with unnotched arches, some of them just lose some charm.

With or without the notched arches, NS designs typically reflect later, simpler trends in architecture than the GK-NF and earlier designs.

I reproduced the entire set #4 NS designs in an earlier post, but here is the page for this little building again, so you don't have to peer at the thumbnails (images can generally be clicked for larger versions).

This structure fits the low & wide pattern that has perhaps been what has been drawing me to Lott's Bricks & Bayko for my recent posts, but is a more substantial looking structure - an electrical substation perhaps?

Good block play.


Model Builder said...

Very Cool looking model!, I have been contemplating about building that very model just a day or so ago.

Herman said...

I like ankerstein