Saturday, June 25, 2011


A nice little crane from the not-quite-recent fischertechnik Basic Mechanics set. The crane boom moves up & down by a screw drive between the pillar & the crank stand. The power is directed from the horizontal crankshaft to the vertical screw shaft by bevels gears.

Seems like the set could be good for introducing kids to some basic mechanical processes. As I finshed it up & prepared to photograph it, I found myself wondering if the girls next door were old enough. It's not necessarily "their thing," but that might in itself be a good reason for them to spend some time working with a parent or two on something like this.

I used to post on fischertechnik quite a bit, but it's been a couple of years or more. But I've between making replacement grooved blocks for K√ľnstler-Baukasten Architekt set, and preparing to do the same thing for some Mobaco, I've been thinking about slotted blocks quite a bit. That led me back to fischetechnik, which has a basic block form very similar to Mobaco's, but to entirely different effect.

fischertechnik is good fun - I shouldn't have been neglecting it.

Good Block Play.

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