Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Varis Architect 63

After my first experience with Varis Architect, I quickly ordered a larger set for further exploration and combining options.

I decided the 87 piece set was probably too big for therapeutic use, so went for the 63.

What arrived was the 87.

The seller had a stock problem and substituted the 87, presumably assuming that I would be delighted with the generosity.

Ah, well.

It was too big for me to attempt anything with at the time, but today I got it out and managed to build a close approximation of the 63 piece model with a subset of the 87 pieces.

At some point I will build the full 87 piece model - and it will probably be an easier build than trying to build the 63 piece model with the wrong assortment of pieces and no instruction sheet.

But I really wanted to know if I had the pieces to build the 63 piece church, and building it was the only effective way to find out.

More fun than damage, I think, though with my garbled brain, it's hard to tell.

At some point I look forward to mixing everything together and building some cottages. Maybe a small village.

Good Block Play.

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