Wednesday, May 09, 2007


My last post was largely about being blocked with fischertechnik, so that I couldn't use my older material at all.

I've been working on that, and have achieved a nontrivial breakthrough. The hand truck (right) was an intermediate step, built using an older set, a little more complicated than what I had been doing.

The airplane is the real thing: built with parts from the jumble, using a drawing (lower right) from an Internet download.

I tried to build the same airplane from a different image (below left) on Monday, but failed.

Late last night I built it successfully from the better image. The difference was not just the image quality, but perhaps more importantly, the parts list in that document ("fischertechnik classic" -- yes, the same set mentioned yesterday), which let me confirm that I did have the necessary parts, and helped identify the parts used.

For my tangled head, this was a very important step.

So sometimes good Block Play is actually "unblock play," and that can be important, not just for play, but in gaining insight into how to deal with blockages.

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