Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ankerstein Bridge

Starting with the first plan in the Anchor #8 (6A) plan book, this bridge goes a little further.

It is the largest Anker Stone project I have built yet, and probably the shortest lived large structure: I lost my footing trying to get a better camera angle in tight confines, and my fall knocked down much of the bridge.

I usually leave things up for a day or three and I am a bit disappointed that this one was so short lived. But not nearly as much as I am delighted with having built it, and at least I did get a few pictures.

There will be another bridge another day.

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Herman said...

I really like taht a lot. I do like bridges.

how sad it got knocked down

Eliza said...

That is incredible! Looks really great! Did Webber accidently knock it down?

Alan said...


Webster had nothing to do with it. So far he hasn't been a problem with blocks.