Thursday, July 14, 2005

Clover Toys

I was in a favorite toy store this morning, and it suddenly hit me that as far as I know, they are the only store in the Seattle area currently stocking Ankerstein sets, and one of the few currently stocking Kapla or Haba.

I wanted to do something to support them, but all I could afford today was some potholder loops. Then I thought about how this blog only has links to online sources with product listings, since I thought that would be more useful to a national audience ("national audience"? huh!).

That didn't seem right, so I am adding a link to Clover Toys, particularly for my many Seattle readers (three, maybe four). But I bet they also ship nationally.Give them a call or email. Sarah is very nice.

Also, I am very fond of hedgehogs, or in German, Igel (rhymes with "eagle"). One might suspect that hedgehogs, porcupines, kiwis, and echidnas, are a particularly intriguing example of parallel evolution.But that would be straying much too far from block play.

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