Sunday, July 10, 2005

Small Caliber

Back to the older small caliber Anker stones, with metal bridge parts. I chose these mostly because that was what was handy. I think I will build it again with modern Anker and trusses from the Airfix HO pontoon bridge. Posted by Picasa

I like building bridges because you can get a pretty substantial structure with mostly uncomplicated components. They can be built with the simple stones provided by multiple small sets, rather than requiring the fancy stones that only come in the higher expansion sets. The repetition of similar small structures rather pleases me.

I deviated quite a lot from the pattern I started with, using it mostly for inspiration. The piers provided the sort of look I wanted, though I knew I wanted multiple spans. I could see that the big arch could go in the middle, and I could duplicte the small pier at the other end. The addition of the towers was the result of just fiddling around after what I considered the "basic bridge" was done.

This plan is also from the wonderful CDroms. Often when I feel like building something, I simply leaf through a pile of printed out designs until one grabs me. When I don't feel like building, but feel like endulging my affection for things Anker, I browse the contents of the CDroms, and print out likely looking designs. The CDroms have hundreds to choose from, many of which are also available for download.

[Recommended: Bridging the Worldby Robert S. Cortright]

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