Thursday, July 14, 2005

Battered and broken

A few days ago, I got a mixed box of battered and broken old Ankerstein and Liberty Stones. I had intended to use them to fill in for missing stones in older sets, but was initially unsure how useful they'd be, given their condition. Building something usually makes me feel better, and I am now beginning to feel better about these, after the small effort in today's picture. Maybe they can provide some expendable stones for experimenting with cleaning and repairing as well. Posted by Picasa


Herman said...

I like battered things. I tend to like them better than shiney and new.

I like what you built

Alan said...

It's gone now. Facades are to teetery to leave for long.

The trains-station-like building I built a week ago is still intact. Its design was chosen for its stability though.