Monday, August 15, 2005

Ankerstein 8

Back to Anchor Stones for another set 8 (6 + 6A) tower.

Perhaps my least favorite so far, and not just because it isn't a bridge. I'm a little too clumsy to be able to relax building tall towers, and this one is a little fussy here and there, especially in the upper reaches.

I really do like Anker blocks though.

With all the reading, thinking, and experimenting I've been doing about free form creative block play, I really wanted to do something today strictly from a plan.

Nice to do, and I think it has its own benefits.


Herman said...

I like the looks of it. bridges are much better but after that I like towers. I'd never be comfortable building a tower because of the motor skills issues

and yes, building from plan has quite a bit of benefit. ritual is very important to human beings. ritual can be considered mind cleansing

Alan said...

Most block building involves a lot of repetitive motion - pick up a block, place it, pick up another - which is a pleasure. And a kind of ritualistic activity.

This tower kept breaking the repetition with adjustment and readjustment. There's always some of that, but this was too much.