Thursday, August 25, 2005

Froebel Gift 6

I did Froebel's Kindergarten Gift 3, consisting of 8 cubes, a while ago, and had intended to do the Froebel block set Kindergarten Gifts in order, but here I am sneaking ahead to number 6.

This set is the most fun, and seems likely to have been the inspiration for Unit Blocks, which enlarged these linearly by almost three times and added additional shapes. The three block shapes here remained the core of early Unit Block sets, per evidence in after Harriet Johnson's 1933 work; reprinted, abridged, in The Block Book

If I had a little more gumption and skill, I'd like to make a full set of unit blocks this size (about 1"x2"x1/2" for the larger rectangular pieces). They are nice to play with on the coffee table.

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