Sunday, August 07, 2005

New Anchor Blocks, Old Plan

Yes, the plans that come with modern Ankerstein sets are reproductions of old plans themselves, but I have gone a bit older, and a little further afield, for this one.

From the scans of small caliber (KK = Klein Kaliber), Old Series (AF = Alte Folge) set number 8, this is from page 6. CDrom, or online.

Anchor kept adding different, ever more specialized, stones, especially in the large caliber (GK = Grosse Kaliber), new series (NF = Neue Folge -- there's also an NS = Neue Serie, but enough of that for now).

I often like to go back to the designs for the simpler stones. This example was built with sets 6 and 6A, but there are no stones not found in a 6, and very little not found in a 4 -- just more of them.

Building it with a 6 and a 4 would require only a little creative substitution.

I think anyone with a set 4 should seriously consider getting a set 6 as a next step, rather than a 4A: it gives them extras of the most useful stones; it gets them into the standard full-size box that will match the expansion sets from 6A on; and if the set 4 turns out to not be earning its keep after one has moved on with 6A, 8A, etc, the set 4 would make a great gift to get someone else into Anchor building.

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