Saturday, August 06, 2005

Unit & Anchor redux

Continuing yesterday's program of building Anker Blocks designs with Unit Blocks, but moving on to a bit larger structure, and this time with the same structure in Ankerstein for comparison.

Since my Unit Blocks are a smaller "table top" size, I have used small caliber KK Ankerstein, so the size difference is comparable to standard large caliber GK stones used with standard sized Unit Blocks, understated here by about 11%.

Studying this OA Richter plan sheet turned up a "KK" annotation, although it is filed under GK-NF on both the CDroms and at the download site. It also has the older double height column pieces, instead of the later single height. Not a big deal. One of the charms of the Anchor plan sheets is that they are so widely usable with different sets, providing you don't come up short on stones.

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Herman said...

cool size comparison