Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ankerstein - Kleinkaliber

I didn't let this morning's digression into Wedgits building divert me from my tentative plan to build something with Small Cailber Anchor Blocks.

This time I did build from a sample plan, but I diverted from it a bit.

Addendum: After writing the addendum to today's Wedgits post, I started wondering how much working within the bounds of a colored sheet of paper, as I did here, helps me elaborate more freely on a sample plan.

[created 11/3/05; modified 5/13/07]


Herman said...

hmmm... so is it the boundry or the security from falling that helps? or both?

I like your change to the design better than the plan

Alan said...

The paper obviously creates boundary, without enhancing security from falling - but aren't boundaries themselves often a matter of security?

I also think that building parallel to the edges, and centered within the sheet of paper, helps.

When I don't build on a sheet of paper, I generally am happier if I build along one of the joint lines in the table, but of course that doesn't provide lateral margins.

Is that Aspie or what? :)

Some of the old Anker sets came with sheets of paper with coarse black grid lines at the pitch of the stones, to help position the stones, so doorways, etc are the right spacing.

I've never felt like I needed or wanted that help, but I wonder about building on something with more widely spaced (and subtler) lines.