Thursday, November 03, 2005

Exploring Wedgits

I wasn't going to come back to Wedgits so soon, but ... (isn't this one of the ways you can tell a really good toy?)

Mostly, as I have said many times, I work from examples. The thing that first caught my eye about Wedgits was their card decks of sample designs.

Yet here I am again, creating my own design. Not only that, but that middle module with the greens suspended within a triplet of blues locked by small octahedrons, is my own invention. Others may have invented it earlier, but as best I know, I had never seen or heard of any such thing.

A loud crash from the living room tells me that Archie has struck, and it is time to create something new.

Addendum: After some Anker play, I returned for more "free play" with Wedgits.

The "Building Board" really seems to make a difference in how much I am willing to build freely. In discussions of early childhood educational block play, one of the suggestions is providing an area rug or building boards to provide a bounded area for creative play. It seems to help children, and here at least, it seems to help me.
Archie Supervised.


Alan said...

As a footnote, the reason I got my Wedgits out this morning was to see if the Building Board could be used vertically within a Wedgits stucture.

Unfortunately, it is too thick, and structural tolerances just don't seem to let it work that way.



Herman said...

oh, I really like those. it looks like a creature with eyes (the first one). I want to play with them and the board!

although archie is cuter than the wedgits. :P

Alan said...


Two eyes, two legs, two bosomy things.

The third one has two eyes too, but five legs?

My back hurts more today, and I am afraid that playing with Wedgits on the floor may have been bad for it.

Wedgit crashes and clatters on the floor aren't as bad as on the table (which serves as a sounding board). Maybe with the building board and a pad, building on the table will be okay.

Eliza said...

Ooh, I like these too...I want to come over & play. :)