Friday, November 18, 2005

Wedgit mobile

That is "mobile" as in "suspended sculpture," not as in "Batmobile."

One of the appealing qualities of Wedgits is that they can be played with by simply stacking, or they can be cleverly interlocked to make more complicated forms.

As a challenge, I decided to see if all 15 pieces of a basic set (Wedgits Junior) could be interlocked into a single lump.

For what it is worth, I managed to do it.

You can turn this upside down, sideways, whatever, and stays a single lump.

Good Block Play

[created 11/18/05; modified 5/13/07]


Herman said...


that's cool. how did you do the picture?

it could be a bat mobile

Alan said...

it's hanging by a thread