Friday, July 25, 2008

Ankerstein 4 some more

I am beginning to think that the Number 4 Anchor set is an ideal size.

Many Anchor builders have a view that you've got to go waaaay up there in the big sets with hundreds and hundreds of stones for interesting building, but they are interested in building large, detailed, realistic representations of actual buildings.

That's fine, but I prefer building more schematic, iconic allusions to styles of structures - perhaps best considered a step up from tangrams (why haven't I done a blog post on tangrams yet?).

Tangrams have seven pieces, basic Wedgits fifteen, Ankerstein Heinzelmännchen 42, Set 4 has 55, Set 6 has 105.

And yes, set 6 is an ideal size also - it is on the cusp where schematic, iconic representation begins to turn into realistic representation.

Today's title image at top appeared as a challenge in Anchor Stone Constructions.

The side images are more designs that can be built with Set 4 - three show subset designs, the fourth mostly duplicates designs in what I already posted, but has one new, and none are in the booklet that comes with the set.

I think that mounted and framed, these could make a nice set to hang on a wall. Click on the images for a higher resolution version for printing - and let me know if you want the full resolution from the CDroms.

The final image is from the ASC challenge again, but slightly modified.

It is hard to leave well enough alone.

Good block play.

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