Monday, July 14, 2008

Ankerstein set 4

The smallest of the Anker Block standard series is set 4. With the addition of set 4A one has set 6, albeit in two small box instead of one standard box, and with a few extra duplicated stones to fill out the box rectangles.

Which means that all set 4 plans can be built with set 6, with many leftover blocks. That's what I did here, inspired by Mr. Seppeler's latest design. We are trusting him on the block count this time, and it seems safe to do so based on what I recall of the #4 contents.

For the picture, we are back indoors, and I found myself emulating the color characteristics of German color publishing of the 1950s. Much too modern for the original era of this toy, but I like it.

It seems to have been a while since I built with the large Großkaliber (GK) stones, rather than the tiny Kleine Gernegroße of my recent posts. It feels good. It smells good.

Good Block Play.

Addendum - I was a little lazy when I posted this, and used the image at right, which has perspective causing the vertical lines to converge toward the bottom of the image.

This morning I used a wonderful freeware program called ShiftN to "correct" the "distortion" to create the image at top.

The result looks slightly wider (the base was broadened in removing the taper) - I could have adjusted that, but the results seem acceptable, and I am still lazy. I might like yesterday's color balance better than today's as well.

Overall, I think it is an improvement, though the differences are probably too subtle to be noticed in casual viewing.

ShiftN is now in my "open with" context menu for JPG files, so I will be less likely to skip this step in the future.

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