Thursday, July 24, 2008


I like Wedgits.

For a long time after I started seeing them in toy stores, I was not interested. What you built didn't look anything like "real life," and to me, at that time, the constructions tended to look rather similar.

Then I wandered into a shop with a display where you could build things.

Wedgits feel so good to play with. The pieces slide to together with such tactile grace. The assemblages tend to come together quickly, but not so quickly as to fail to engage one's interest.

And once you have built with them for a bit, the designs stop seeming so similar - it becomes more important that they go together differently, and that can be recognized by looking at a design.

This current project set is the "Starter Set," which is actually the set suited for toddlers. (Older kids and interested adults might better start with the "Junior Set"), and is not mine, but my neighbors'. I am dog-sitting while they are on vacation, and have been playing with their Wedgits while the dog gets some backyard time.

Good block play.


Herman said...

Wedgits would be better if they weren't so colorful :P

Alan said...

Maybe the purple set ...