Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I am glad for the occasional new design to tweak me into action.

It doesn't quite match as shown, since I seemed to come out short of the required blocks, but either way, the design appeals with its embedded cross.

The image above was made in infrared. A natural color image is at right for those who find the main image too weird.

Digital image sensors are quite sensitive to infrared light, which is invisible to us but can have strange effects on pictures -such as turning red flowers pink. Some cameras deal with that by putting a filter in front of the sensor, but probably due to cost the less expensive the camera, the less likely it is to have that "hot mirror" filter to block infrared.

Personally, I'd rather not have the internal filter, using an external hot mirror filter when required, and using the opposite filter - one that passes infrared and blocks visible light - for intriguing infrared image such as this one.

So I am pleased with my camera's infrared sensitivity. Straight from the camera, with the filter I am using, the images are in strong magenta tones. That might not be the case with a filter that cuts off further into the infrared, but they would also require longer exposure times. I have been assuming that most infrared fans simply convert to black & white, but maybe that is what the more extreme filters deliver?

I enjoy playing with the color balance until I get something I like - almost gray tones, almost sepia, but not quite normal.

Good photo play.

Good block play.


releppes said...

If you liked the embedded cross and you want to get out your Heinzelmannchen set, take a look at this Heinzelmannchen design.

Alan said...

that looks good (though i might prefer the revision)

but i don't have Heinzelmännchen yet - nothing smaller than a #6

though i still feel like i should get one, especially if i am going to keep taking blocks to parks - and have all your fine designs to work through