Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ankerstein Bridge

How better to celebrate my second cataract surgery yesterday (and patch off today) than with a nice Anker Bridge?

I know I've built this before, and thought I had blogged it before, but a quick search doesn't show an earlier incarnation. Either way, this is what I am posting today, so enjoy.

This is from the manual that comes with the current Anker Set 6, and is built with the stones from that set.

I like bridges.

Good block play.


Model Builder said...

Congratulations on your surgery. My wife was not so lucky, right at the end of surgery the doctor nicked the iris and now she has only 20/40 vision in the one eye and still needs glasses.
Nice bridges I like them also, especially when I can put one of my card model ships in the scene.
Hoping to get a Mosaic Set by Christmas. Have my eyes on one and been saving up.
I looked at the "Mini Wedgits" but as they say 'Not my cup of Tea"

Alan said...

Oh dear - my sympathies to your wife.

My vision will be far from perfect - I'll still need trifocals - but being without the fog & flare is an amazing improvement.