Friday, October 02, 2009

Ghost Wedgits

The strong primary colors of standard Wedgits can be a bit of a challenge for adult block builders to accept, even without the sensory issues some of us have.

One must see past the toddler colors to get the most from Wedgits - they more are about shape, abstraction, tactile feedback. See naef and nova68 for the same shapes in designer colors and natural woods, The naef Diamant creates a much more mature design esthetic.

My budget doesn't spring to $350 for a single set of a more vulnerable Wedgits counterpart, just for the aesthetic benefits - especially since all the naef constructions I have seen seem to be pure gravity designs: no wedging in sight. Whether that is due to production tolerance, surface finish, or basic durability, I don't know.

There is a partial solution in the Wedgits Class-Pak, which allows one to work in single colors at least.

I wish I could get another white set separately - I love how the white photographs, and would like to build pure white Deluxe Set designs. The jumbo rhombus in white would be a nice bonus too, allowing Starter Set designs.

Yesterday at Math'n'Stuff, they showed me a packing list that indicated Mini Wedgits Class Paks, but that could have been an error, with the standard Class Pak actually intended. I don't recall whether they were on backorder or in their partially unpacked shipment, but I should have clarification soon.

Now wouldn't an all white set of Mini Wedgits be great for outdoor photography? Much easier to haul up a mountain trail, both in weight and day-pack space. Though the larger set might be fun for a more distant structure, not immediately obvious in a mountain meadow or beach-side sand dune, but still visible without having to already know it was there.

Ghost Wedgits?

A real kick would be a full glow-in-the-dark set (with a merged Starter Set/Junior Set Wedgit mix for building from both design sets?). A fair approximation of the white set by day, and a special kick by night - illuminate with ultraviolet flashlights for nifty photography.

Ghost Wedgits!

Present or possible, still good Block Play.

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