Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wedgits cunningly nested

This morning I was thinking that maybe I should do a post on the whys and hows of Wedgits' appeal and versatility. How the elegance of the geometric dissection of an octahedron - into ever smaller octahedrons and rhomboidal sections thereof - delivers pieces that nest cunningly into one another in several entrancing ways - even interlocking sturdily - and can also be extended with compatible shapes.

In thinking about how I might illustrate that, I ended up building the structure at right. Intending to duplicate it in black, with white octahedrons, I ended up extending it with Stix, above.

As far as I know, these are original structures. Creative block play. Not my typical activity.

My choice of black came from tentative plans to color a basic Mini Wedgits set with black permanent marker, for days when the normal colors are too overwhelming for me. I wanted to try leaving the octahedrons white to simplify the coloring, and maybe spice things up a litte, but not too much.

Maybe the black & white was also inspired a bit by yesterday's penguins.

I am thinking black marker will avoid building up a thickness that might interfere with the clearances when slipping pieces into locking positions, while allowing for easy touch-up of unavoidable wear. Will the blackening transfer iself to the octahedrons & Stix? Will it be a problem cleaning it off?

However it turns out, I think I can count on Good Block Play.

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