Saturday, October 10, 2009


Anchor Stone blocks again, at last, after another long drought. I am sure at least some of you are breathing a sigh of relief - Ankerstein builders seem to represent my largest bloc of readers.

This design is from the second LaVelle booklet, available for download, along with the rest of the huge CVA archive, from (look under Vorlagen for plans). With minor tweaks for my eccentric Set 4, which is a recent GF set with a recent production NS notched arch substituted in.

Browsing through the Vorlagen is time well spent for those seeking additional inspiration, and browsing through the other sections will surely entertain & inform. Ability to read German is not required. (My samples are reduced resolution from those on the download site.)

Today's special guest stars are Playmobil Penguins. Fortunately Pinocchio's Toys had half sets, which met my budgetary limitations.

With or without special guest stars, Ankerstein is Good Block Play.

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