Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ankerstein (ASC h26)

Anchor Stone Constructions has broken a long drought both there and here by posting a new Heinzelmännchen design, for which I am quite grateful.

Not that I couldn't have built an older design -- there are several I haven't built yet, and many more that I would like to build again -- but timeliness has its own impetus, and building a new design the same day I discover it has some real appeal.

And I needed that extra boost: Demolition and new construction next door has discouraged block play for a variety of reasons: shaky hands, shaky brain, and shaking house.

But recently things have quieted down in all regards on several days, and I have actually had the Heinzelmännchen out and on the table a couple of times, but things hadn't gotten any further.

So finding a new design this morning took me the next step, and here you are, illuminated by autumn sunlight streaming through the ripply glass of windows far older than the construction next door.

Good block play.