Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wedgits Red

Wedgits are a reliable turn-to when my Block-Play is blocked.

And at times like that, I am often especially appreciative of the several single-color sets which make up the Class-Pak 90 Piece Kit.

At times, I will go with Black or Blue or Green or White, all of which are easy on the yes. But sometimes the Yellow or Red is just the thing.

Good Wedgits.

Good Block Play.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Märchen 1

A year or three ago, Ankerstein introduced a pair of new sets as Märchen 1 and Märchen 2 (Fairy Tales 1 & 2), which intrigued me greatly, but if they were ever offered in the United States, I missed them.

A week or three ago, the printed materials for these sets showed up as scans on the CVA repository site. Look under Vorlagen => Neue Fabrik => Märchen.

Not just the booklet pages are there, with the constructions and stories, but also the figure pages with fairy-tale characters to cut out.

I wanted to build with them right away, but I didn't know which stones were included in each set, so I set the project aside until I could rummage through my hard drive folders for wherever it was I saved the pictures that I downloaded when the sets were announced.

Today I gave up on getting around to that any time soon, and decided to just see what I could do with just what is in a #6 box, and so we have the Märchen 1 oven in the title image, at top.

Then I started writing this blog post, and while checking that my links work properly, I took a moment to check that site under Einpackvorlagen => Neue Fabrik => Märchen.

They might not have appeared in the site's Änderungen page, which is what I monitor for new stuff, but there they were. Including an end-shot of one of the little wooden stands, in case you want your figures "as-factory."

Now I know what stones belong. Which I find more comfortable, though neurotypicals may find that less of a requirement.

Between my various sets, I may not have exactly the right stones to duplicate a Märchen 1, but I can fake it. Aside from the thin #58 stones at top (of which just one is used in just one construction - as a door - fake it with wood or card?), the likeliest problem for most people having just a couple of sets would be the three #98 arches, since there are just one each in the Set 6 and Set 6A. Use the 6A's pair of #100 half-thick arches as a substitute. My extra Set 4 provided me with a third #98.

Right stones or not, I had fun. And there is still Märchen 2 to explore.

Good Block Play.

Note - the larger images linked by clicking the images above are reduced from those on the CVA site.