Thursday, August 04, 2016

Therapeutic Piling

This afternoon I found myself struggling with what I prefer to describe as a "mental health episode," and as I found things getting worse in spite of the efforts I was making, I turned to my "cope list" of things I can do to break the patterns and give me the resources to make things better.

Both "construction toy" and "blog" are on that list, so as much as I was tempted to shuffle around them, I realized it would be better to just grab the rabbit (Or hare?).

Of course Ankerstein are the block of choice for serious therapeutic benefit. Smell, touch, substance, visual impact.

The Heinzelmännchen set is what the first box turned out to be, and a little shuffling through the printouts tucked inside turned up this little memorial, such as might be found at a crossroads in much of Europe.

I've been re-reading The Discovery of France, which might be why a roadside cross seemed a good choice. It's a wonderful book if you enjoy geography, history, linguistics, or why rocks might have been piled where they were.

So I piled up Anchor stones as seemed appropriate, enjoying the rhythms and textures, took a couple of pictures, and here we are. Therapeutic benefits acknowledged. Blog written.

Good Block Play.