Sunday, April 04, 2010

Lott's Sea-Side Cottage

Lott's Tudor Blocks, Revised Series, dates from the 1950s, and is delightful. The Sea-Side Cottage (their hyphen) is one of eighteen sample designs provided for the 31 bricks and cardboard roof piece.

The booklet also shows eighteen additional designs are shown for the larger Box 2, and the booklet cover and box lid show designs for set 4. Inspiration for more buying, as well as more building.

For the first time, I am using an actual Lott's roof on a Tudor construction, and the original roof that came with my set 1 at that. It's a more recent acquisition than my earlier Lott's Tudor posts, for which I had to make construction paper roofs.

While double-checking my date recollections of this series, I was pleased to see that Andy Harris had updated his Lott's web pages in this very area just a few days ago. Nice coincidence.

Cute building. Nice project size. Good Block Play.