Monday, January 01, 2001


The Block Play Blog has been around for a couple of years now, as I write this in May, 2007 (the post date has been altered, see below), even if it has had periods of intense inactivity.

That has been long enough for some web links to "go bad" and some of the opinions as well (some of the spelling was bad from the get-go). But some older posts continue to attract new visitors via web searches such as Google.

So I am going back to clean things up. As this occurs, some readers see the changes as new posts: their RSS readers are set to "show updated as new," and are not showing the actual date of the post.

If you read via the blog itself (which has the advantage of proper formatting!), each post is identified by its original date (sometimes modified by me, as this one has been). Since some RSS readers don't show that date, I will add footnotes giving the date created and date modified.

Also, I am creating an Amazon-hosted online "aStore", and will replace many older links with aStore links. I can provide commentary there, as well as interesting related items. Along with feedback about Block Play readership, small-scale greed is a motivating factor. I get a small referral fee from Amazon based on purchases not just of items I list, but on any purchases from anywhere on Amazon via an initial aStore entry -- click the "Go to" link under the search box on store pages. Maybe it will cover a small percentage of Block Play expenses.

Now back to block play.

[post created 5/12/07]