Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ankerstein 4

Back to basics: Today I built a straightforward plan from the Ankerstein Set 4 booklet included in current production.

Well maybe not entirely straightforward -- the notched arch of the NS sets is substituted for the the standard GK-NF arch, but that is a minor adjustment.

I haven't built with Anchor Blocks for a while, and as always when I return, the scent and feel of the stones is a evocative pleasure.

The blog Don's Hobby Keep is doing a series of posts showing the layer-by-layer construction of an Anker building. Check it out, and be sure to check following days for more stages.

Good Block Play.

Addendum -- double checking the link to Don's blog above, I followed a link in a comment there and discovered a picture of the same building as above, built with a Set 6. Sure enough, when I check my Set 6 book, there is the same page reproduced in the early part of the book. Nice pictures of several constructions -- check them out as well.

Second Addendum -- I found another new Ankerstein builder blog, with a new and different perspective and very well done. Unfortunaelty, I couldn't seem to post a comment, so must say "Welcome!" here, and hope he sees it eventually. Again, check it out.